The voice of the heart, personal growth, the meaning of life and Divine Love

Many people ask the questions “What does it all mean?” and “What is the meaning or purpose of life?” We seem to have this inner desire to know who we are, what we are and where we come from. The answer to this eternal question is sought through many avenues which include history, archaeology, religion, spirituality, healing, science, medicine, ancient cultural heritage/ wisdom etc.

The truth is that we really don’t know, but the human desire to seek, explore and question allows personal growth whilst we seek an answer. However, what if the answer is love and nothing tangible? What if the answer is that in order to reach our fullest potential all we have to do is acknowledge the Divine Love within us, live it and be it? Does that seem silly, nonsensical, and even too simple? Being Divine Love is the most difficult challenge we have.

The inner and outer journey I have taken through many aspects of life, brought me back to the voice of our soul, the voice of the heart and Divine Love. I came to realise that if we stopped consciously seeking, accepted being in the moment, in the now, relating to life and each other from the now, we move to that point we are trying to understand about ourselves. We connect with the universal oneness or God which allows us to see why we are here, who we are, and our purpose. Life has to exchange and interchange as it does to make us whole. We awaken our humanity, love each other and our planet and understand that we are the very fabric of life and the universe. Our earth is perfect and each of us is perfect. When we love we see this.

We are in the centre of great human evolutionary change right now and the answer we seek is right there inside our heart. It is time for us to wake up and acknowledge the intelligence and love of the heart.

In my E- book “Voice of The Universal Heart”, I talk primarily about the voice, the heart, vibrational medicine and Divine Love. Here is an extract from the e-book:-

“I believe the heart is the place where we hold the highest energy of love and that love is not an e-motion. It is our natural vibrational and energetic state. When we say we are experiencing a sense of bliss, we are usually in a timeless state of love. We feel at peace. We are happy and we feel at one with everything and everyone. We can move into a state of Divine Love using meditation techniques, vocal tones, or listening to meditation music. It is possible to be very active in our imagination to shift our mind consciousness through visualisation. However, the final surrender is when the heart combines with mind consciousness to take us into the state of love. We do this by training our mind to be still and asking the heart to speak to us. Then, when we are finally quiet enough to hear the voice of our heart, it will speak and the sound will flow up to the mind, allowing the inner sound to travel through the entire energy system to connect with the highest energy of Divine Love.  This vibrational conduit between the heart and the universe/God allows the energy of love to be received and to regenerate the subtle bodies and whole energy field connected with the heart.”

“The heart’s true vibration is love and harmony the body’s natural state. When we are in love, we can feel the energy in our heart leap and connect to the person we love. We see the world and everything in it in a very different way and do not experience time. Time stands still for lovers and their hearts connect wherever they are, even if they are thousands of miles apart. A parent also experiences this heart connection with a child and will usually sacrifice themselves in some way for the love of their child. When we experience love in this way, we act from our soul, with joy, compassion, forgiveness and we heal. It is no coincidence that the best selling records are love songs!”

Our destiny is to become love. The issues we are desperately trying to correct within ourselves and on earth are the very consequence of our separation caused by mind interference alone. We have alienated the heart in our quest for logical answers in the name of progress. We have failed to understand that in our desire for better, we have not recognised the balanced perfection of nature, our own mind and heart have become unbalanced with earth. This is however, our evolution. It is the process of becoming and learning who we are. Our actions determine our future, we create, we destroy and we recreate. We can change our planetary way of living, we can heal, have peace, and put an end to poverty, war and violence, simply by learning to love at the highest level of acceptance and divine love. Accepting we are all here to serve each other and are connected as one universal vibration through love.

We have come a long way with logic; we have quantum physics, understand energy better, and are learning to honour our biology, genes and ancestral influence. Now we must accept that the earth is perfect and it is human beings who have made it imperfect. The better world we seek, the spiritual person we wish to become is already here. When we open our eyes, our ears, our hearts, our voices and act as the loving human beings we truly are, we see that the world we live in, can be recreated. A better, sustainable, loving global community can honour and learn from each other. Every person has value on this earth, every plant, animal and mineral. All jobs are necessary for the functioning of community and society. The Janitor is as important as the Chief Executive and that should never be forgotten. The West is no better than the East, the North no better than the South. There are differences between cultures and each need to learn to love and understand the other. The search for the meaning of life is simple – become love.

In my work with the voice and heart, when the heart is freed, the mind comes into balance and both function synergistically for the greater good of the individual and the whole. Communities connect, support, care, assist each other, respect one another and the planet we live on and allow each other to be who they are. When we love and co-create with love we can change the damage we have done, and restore ourselves and the earth to its natural harmony.

It is easy to talk philosophically about the meaning of life, but actions speak louder than words. Now is the time to accept each others role and understand we are gifts for one another. We should not judge what we think is right or wrong in a person; each of us carries what we see in another. We have a part to play to rise above, lead the way and show that when we become the being of love we are, we attain the power of Divine Love within us. The voice is unique; the purpose of each individual is unique. We can work with the voice to free the heart, become the being of love we truly are and follow our destiny.

3 thoughts on “The voice of the heart, personal growth, the meaning of life and Divine Love

  1. hello hilary,your writings are lovely , I must confess to coming across them accidently,It may be how it was meant to happen.You seem to have a great understanding and inner peace which is comforting to read,though understanding and absorbing the fullness of all its meaning must take much time and an enormous understanding of oneself, and where we exist in the universe.


  2. Hilary, love your writings. I have a question for you?

    If the internal divine resonance only speaks to my soul when a new heart sings to me through those that have not achieved divine peace…. how can I release the voice of my heart through this astronomical plane of cocophony of the spirit? Don’t you think that the soul of the spirit and the divine resonance must meet in a cosmic vibration of love sharing? or do you feel that the heart spirit of an open heart only vibrates when love releases the soul to the divine acceptance of who we are within?

    Please elaborate. I need your help.


    1. Hi June, a beautiful comment and thank you. I would say that you are thinking too much about the difference and making it complex for yourself. Many spiritual writings are teaching seperatism between soul, spirit, mind and heart. The truth is we still do not really know and our minds are creating truths for us in our desire for answers. I only teach surrender to the heart because the divine resonance you speak of, the soul, the spirit, the breath, the light ALL emanate from the heart. The mind is led by the heart when you are truly in touch with your spirit. Opening your heart and receiving what you think does not resonate, is only a vibration that is not meant to necessarily match yours. At the highest level we are led to believe we are all one. At this level on earth, we can attain a state of high love and learn that a resonance that does not harmonise with us, is only a different vibration and may not necessarily be any less spiritual, but on another part of our journey to wholeness. In other words, love transmutes all and therefore if your heart cannot find love for that resonance, you are still needing to go deeper into your own resonance to find that place within you that will release love and understand the vibration of all in a different way. We search for everything beautiful as our belief on this spiritual path, but we have to understand that ALL in the world is teaching us about love and what we see as ugly, violent and displeasing to the soul, has its purpose in the collective. The heart only knows love and vibrates in love, the mind tries to control that is when the spirit and the heart suffers. Surrender is the key to your diviine acceptance.

      I hope that helps?


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